Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Click on the pricing link and choice a package that suits you, and then fill the order details. Payments are processed by PayPal or Skrill. All major credit cards are accepted.

What if I want a custom order?

If you want different number of downloads, ratings and reviews not in the packages . We can do a custom order. Send us the details and we will give you the price.

How soon will my order be completed?

We deliver most of our orders within 7 days as long as the order was received between Monday and Friday. Weekend orders might be delayed for a day or two at times. Larger orders may also take some more time.

Do you offer reviews for paid apps?

At the moment, were're only working with free apps unless you're willing pay the app cost too. In this case, price will be the total sum of the app price multiplied by the number or ratings/reviews and downloads.

What if is the difference between ratings and reviews.

Ratings are the stars that are left without comments, reviews have the stars and a brief comment.

Do the ratings and reviews come with downloads and installs?

It depends on the package you choose. Our 'AlO Package' comes with reviews ratings and downloads/installs.

Is this safe?

While none of our customers have any issues or trouble using our services. We cannot predict policy changes from Google Play in the future, so as always use at your own discretion

Are the downloads real?

The downloads are 100% real. Here’s what we can GUARANTEE you: 1. 99% Retention – Most of the downloads will remain for as long as 6 months. 2. Real Mobile Downloads – No manipulation is involved in anyway. The download will start only after the mobile user approves our invitation.

Do you provide reports?

Absolutely! We will send the report to you once the campaign is completed.

Do you give refunds?

We will refund the amount if we are not able to deliver the work report with in 21 days from order date. . No questions asked.

What other payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept Paypal and Skrill & Bitcoin. They accept major credit cards. In the future we will expand to other options, incase you are not covered send us an email.

Still have questions?Talk to us. Or Skype boostmyapp (9A.M. to 10P.M.)

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